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Hardside Luggage - Who Makes It?
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Hardside Luggage - Who Makes It?

When deciding on what kind of luggage to buy, you often see hardside luggage as an option.  It’s definitely a more expensive option, but it could pay off down the road to spend more now – meaning you won’t have to buy a new luggage set every few years.  Many companies now make hardside suitcases, unlike in the past where you only had one or two choices in manufacturers.  And of course, the prices reflected that.

Here’s some manufacturers that now offer hard side luggage:

  • Samsonite: they would be the most famous hardside suitcase manufacturer.  They are also the most expensive.  Nice products if you can afford them.
  • Atlantic: they don’t offer a huge selection, but they have very reasonable prices and a wide variety of colors with long warranties.
  • Delsey: small and expensive selection, but they are a world renowned company and also have long warranties.
  • International Traveller: probably the least expensive option.  They have a 6 piece hardside suitcase set for less than I’ve seen for individual pieces from other manufacturers.  Small selection of pieces though.
  • Zero Haliburton: beautiful designer hard side suitcases.  With price tags to match.  Not an option for most people, but if you want to splurge, I’d go with them.

Those are just a few of the companies that provide hardside luggage.  To pick some up for yourself, visit our Suitcases page where we list the stores with the best prices.


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