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Kids Luggage - Tons Of Adorable Options
Travel Accessories :: Kids Luggage

Kids Luggage - Tons Of Adorable Options

If you’re wondering where to find great designs and even better prices for kids’ luggage, you’ve come to the right place.  We’ve done all the research finding the stores with the nicest children’s luggage around.  Here’s what you can expect in terms of styles and prices:

If you have a young child who would appreciate fun shapes and designs, consider Sammies Wizzy Wheeled Backpack - Giraffe.  With giraffe colors and ears, it’s especially designed for kids, and they love it!  There’s a whole line of products in the giraffe style, so if you really need a duffel rather than a backpack, Samsonite can help.

One of my favorites (being a girly-girl and all) is the Groovy Girls Getting Groovy Rolling Luggage.  It’s in the shape of a car, with pretty colors, and the top of the car flips up to hold personal items like a comb or toothbrush for example.  And the way that the bottom part opens makes packing a breeze.

Another great option is GST Industries Kid's Car Suitcase.  Made from rugged ABS plastic it’ll survive the inevitable trip down the stairs (it is car shaped after all Mom!) and with 3 colors to choose from, your child can pick their favorite.  It’s also small enough to fit in the overhead compartment of most airlines, so it can be a primary piece of luggage or carry on luggage, whatever you decide.

For more examples of kids luggage, visit our Suitcases page and click the links to the cheapest prices online.  There are lots of models to choose from.  Happy shopping!


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