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Leather Carry On Luggage - Who Doesn't Want That?
Travel Accessories :: Leather Carry On Luggage

Leather Carry On Luggage - Who Doesn't Want That?

Who doesn’t love soft, buttery leather?  Especially leather carry on luggage?  Sure, it’s more expensive than nylon luggage, but nothing beats that feeling.  Leather is also tough and rugged, so you won’t have to buy a new piece of luggage every few years.  And since it’s also quite pliable, it’s easier to fit in to the overhead cabins on the airplane.  Here’s a list of companies that produce leather luggage in carry on sizes:

  • Aston
  • Briggs and Riley
  • Clava
  • David King
  • Hartmann
  • Kenneth Cole
  • Mulholland Brothers
  • Pierre Cardin
  • Sandbar
  • Samsonite

That’s just to name a few.  You can get leather carry on in duffel bags, laptop bags, wheeled luggage and more.  All pieces that you can take on the plane with you.  The great news is, just because you want leather, doesn’t mean you’ll have to take a second mortgage on your home.  There are stores online that have discount leather luggage.  Most of the time is discontinued lines or pieces with small imperfections.  This doesn’t mean that there’s no warranty – quite the opposite in fact.  Most warranties start at 3 years, many are 10 years, and a few are even lifetime warranties!

To save you time and energy, we’ve done all the searching for you.  To buy some leather carry on luggage, simply visit our Suitcases page, scroll to the bottom, click on one of the great stores we’ve found, and shop to your hearts content!


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