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Do Luggage Discounts REALLY exist? Where are They?
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Do Luggage Discounts REALLY Exist? Where are They?

Are you looking for a luggage discount?  Discounts can be found if you know where to look, and we do.  There are some points to keep in mind when shopping for a discounted luggage, and we cover them below.  If you want to skip straight to buying your luggage, visit our Suitcases page and follow the links at the bottom to the best prices for luggage online!

  1. You may have to compromise on the style or manufacturer you have chosen.  Most stores that sell inexpensive luggage online can do so because of bulk purchases, discontinued style lines or small imperfections that get tossed out by the manufacturer’s quality control.  Rest assured however that you are still getting quality, brand new pieces.
  2. There may not be unlimited stock on any one item.  There’s usually limited stock available, so if you’re “pretty” sure you want something or it’s on sale, don’t delay – it may not be there tomorrow.  If you do need to wait, make sure there’s plenty of what you want in stock.
  3. Don’t expect Louis Vuitton luggage for American Tourister prices.  Yes, there are discounts; even heavy discounts sometimes, as the old adage says: If it looks to good to be true, it probably is.

That’s why we’ve done all the hard work for you.  We’ve been ripped off ourselves by unscrupulous people selling at auctions and phony knockoff stores.  The merchants we recommend are the best.  Don’t make the same mistakes we did!  Go in to shopping for your discounted luggage with your eyes open and you won’t be disappointed.


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