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Do you know if you need a power converter?
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Do you know if you need a power converter?

power converters
Something that we don’t think about very often before traveling is power converters.  I’m sure many of you know that throughout North America we have the same standard electrical plugs.  However, were you aware that in Europe, Africa and Asia they have completely different electric plugs?

This is important if you are traveling or moving overseas.  All of your current appliances, big or small, won’t work.  Everything from hair dryers to refrigerators and stoves will require voltage converters. 

And how do you know which ones to get?  The choice can be complicated.  You’ll need to make note of everything that you will be bringing on your trip and decide if one single adaptor will do the job.  You may find that you will require more than one – either for the convenience of having more than one appliance plugged in, or because they have a variety of plugs.

Even countries that supposedly have the same voltage as North America may have sockets that won’t accept your appliances.  The reason for that is they won’t fit your polarized plugs.  “Polarized plugs” means one prong bigger than the other.  (I’m sure, take a look at a few electrical devices, you’ll see.)

I highly recommend Magellan’s or Travel Tools to fill your power converter needs.


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