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Samsonite Suitcases - Lots of Choices!
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Samsonite Suitcases - Lots of Choices!

So you want to buy a Samsonite suitcase?  Well, you’ve got lots of choices.  Samsonite offers every conceivable kind of suitcase, both in soft side and hard side.  You can even get a hybrid of the two!  They also offer tapestry luggage, nylon luggage and polyester suitcases. 

Your choices for Samsonite luggage don’t end there!  Did I mention the huge variety of styles and colors?  They have a great selection of wheeled suitcases also.  Some of the wheeled luggage pieces have extra large wheels to allow them to be taken on any kind of terrain, and of course retractable handles!

While Samsonite is not the cheapest brand available, they are mid-range and well worth the price.  Their products are built to last and all of the Samsonite luggage I’ve seen offers a 10 year warranty.  If you want to purchase a Samsonite suitcase, just visit our suitcases page for some great merchants that sell Samsonite products at discounted prices!



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