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Do You Know Why You Need TSA Approved Luggage Locks?
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Do You Know Why You Need TSA Approved Luggage Locks?

  Right after Christmas ’02, The Transportation Security Association a.k.a. TSA started to open luggage with contents that weren’t clearly identifiable with an X-Ray machine.  This meant that they would break or cut locks on luggage to get in – without your consent, and leaving your luggage vulnerable.  After receiving a lot of complaints, the TSA started to tell people not to put locks on their luggage.  I don’t think that’s a great response, as I want my luggage secure!

The good news is, you do have alternatives to just not putting a lock on your luggage.  The first would be a plastic tie, such as what police now use in lieu of handcuffs.  It’s not a “lock” per se, but those ties aren’t easily removed (you need a heavy duty knife or scissors) which takes care of petty thieves, but also allows access to the TSA if they feel they need to search your luggage.

Another option would be a Travel Sentry lock.  What is great about these locks is just that – they are locks.  So your luggage is safe, and allows the TSA to gain access to your luggage if necessary.  How do they do that if you set the combination?  Well, they have special tools to unlock (without cutting) these locks – and when they are done, they lock your luggage back up again.  This is personally what I would recommend.

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