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What Not To Pack In Carry On Luggage - Know The Rules!!
Travel Accessories :: What Not To Pack In Carry On Luggage

What Not To Pack In Carry On Luggage - Know The Rules!

In a related article, I talk about things you SHOULD pack in your carry on luggage.  This article is devoted to the big no-nos – stuff that will be confiscated and if a serious enough breach, could keep you from boarding your flight.  Most things are just common sense (guns, hatchets, baseball bats), but a few things surprised me.


Here is a list of things that are NEVER acceptable to be packed in carry on luggage:

(In no particular order.)


  • Metal scissors with pointed tips (Scissors with plastic or metal blunt tips are permitted in your carry-on.)
  • “strike anywhere” matches (up to 2 lighters or 4 books of safety matches are ok)
  • Box cutters
  • Ice picks/axes
  • Knives (any length and type except round-bladed, butter, and plastic cutlery)
  • Meat Cleavers
  • Razor-Type Blades, such as box cutters, utility knives, razor blades not in a cartridge, but excluding safety razors
  • Sabers
  • Swords

(Any sharp object packed in your checked luggage should be properly sheathed or securely wrapped for the protection of the baggage handlers.) 

  • Baseball Bats
  • Bows and Arrows
  • Cricket Bats
  • Golf Clubs
  • Hockey Sticks
  • Lacrosse Sticks
  • Pool Cues
  • Ski Poles
  • Spear Guns
  • Ammunition
  • BB guns
  • Compressed Air Guns
  • Firearms
  • Flare Guns
  • Gun Lighters
  • Gun Powder
  • Parts of Guns and Firearms
  • Pellet Guns
  • Realistic Replicas of Firearms
  • Starter Pistols

(Check with your airline the rules on putting any kind of firearm in your checked luggage.)

  • Axes and Hatchets
  • Cattle Prods
  • Crowbars
  • Hammers
  • Drills (including cordless portable power drills)
  • Saws (including cordless portable power saws)
  • Screwdrivers (except those in eyeglass repair kits)
  • Tools (including but not limited to wrenches and pliers)
  • Billy Clubs
  • Black Jacks
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Kubatons
  • Mace/Pepper Spray One 118 ml or 4 Fl. oz. container of mace or pepper spray is permitted in checked baggage provided it is equipped with a safety mechanism to prevent accidental discharge.
  • Martial Arts Weapons
  • Night Sticks
  • Nunchakus
  • Stun Guns/Shocking Devices
  • Throwing Stars
  • Blasting Caps
  • Dynamite
  • Fireworks
  • Flares (in any form)
  • Hand Grenades
  • Plastic Explosives
  • Realistic Replicas of Explosives
  • Aerosol (any except for personal care or toiletries in limited quantities)
  • Fuels (including cooking fuels and any flammable liquid fuel)
  • Gasoline
  • Gas Torches
  • Lighter Fluid
  • Turpentine and Paint Thinner
  • Realistic Replicas of Incendiaries
  • Chlorine for Pools and Spas Compressed Gas Cylinders (including fire extinguishers)
  • Liquid Bleach
  • Spillable Batteries (except those in wheelchairs)
  • Spray Paint Tear Gas


Note: Just because I’m specifying these items are not allowed in carry on luggage does NOT mean they are allowed in checked luggage.  Check with your airline if you have any doubts.

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