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Travel accessories - don't leave home without them!
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Travel accessories - don't leave home without them!

travel accessoriesYou’ve planned your big trip, bought the tickets, booked the hotel, found a great deal on a rental car – the works.   The vacation of your dreams.  You’ve packed all your travel clothes, toiletry kits and travel accessories.  But doesn’t it always seem to happen? You arrive in your beautiful room only to find you’ve forgotten one of your most important travel products!

Which travel supplies do you usually forget?  If you’re lucky, it’s a simple accessory like a toothbrush, which any hotel will have in their gift shop.  But what if you forgot a more important product, for example a rain coat?  What about your favorite backpack for sightseeing?

Other travel gear you might want to bring are a money belt to keep cash and cards safe, maps for finding your way around, or what about a travel pillow for your long flight?  And of course a camera (film or digital) for making sure you capture all the important memories.  Even a small travel accessory, like a case for your curling iron so you can style and pack in a hurry!

And don’t forget products like games and entertainment for you and the kids!  You’ll be glad you got something to keep them busy, especially for a long flight or car trip.

Luckily there are stores like Magellan’s and Travel Tools so you never have to forget anything again.  You won’t have to look anywhere else for all your accessory and fun or useful travel gadget needs.  They carry everything you need to make your trip as stress free as possible.  And isn’t that the point?


Travel accessories and more - Magellan's Travel Supplies.
Magellan's, America's leading source of travel supplies has hundreds of products, and with ten years of experience in servicing the needs of travelers, Magellan's will treat you right!

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