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Designer Luggage - You Know You Want It!
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Designer Luggage - You Know You Want It!

Who wouldn’t want designer luggage?  It’s beautifully crafted luggage with the added appeal of a well known name brand.  You just FEEL better knowing that you’re carrying some of the best luggage around.  The downside is, can you afford it?  It may not be as out of your reach as you thought.

Several online stores sell designer luggage.  I’ve found a few that even sell heavily discounted designer luggage – the real thing, not knockoffs.  Visit the suitcases page to find out more.

I’ve found gorgeous Diane Von Furstenberg luggage for around the same price as Samsonite.  Maybe you’re looking for some lovely Hartmann luggage?  Or what about elegant Boyt luggage?  I’ve been able to find all of these designer name brands and more at amazing prices.

As always, when a price looks too good to be true, it usually is, even with luggage.  Make sure that before you buy that dazzling Kenneth Cole suitcase that you’re shopping at a reputable store.  If you go with my suggestions though, you have nothing to worry about.  They offer price guarantees, shipment tracking and sometimes even free shipping for your discounted designer luggage.


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