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Samsonite Laptop Cases - How Do You Choose?
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Samsonite Laptop Cases - How Do You Choose?

When buying a Samsonite laptop case, you certainly don’t want to pay top dollar.  And you want a few choices, which many discount stores don’t offer.  We’ve found a few stores that offer a wide variety of laptop cases (from Samsonite and others) that won’t break the bank.  Most are a very reasonable price.

When looking for a Samsonite computer case/briefcase, you have the choice of wheeled or not.  I prefer a wheeled laptop case myself, but if you want something a little lighter, you can get no wheels.  Either choice will still have a handle for the case, but you might have to sacrifice a shoulder strap.

Before deciding on the laptop case you want, you should make yourself a list of what you’ll be carrying besides a laptop.  In my laptop case, I also carry paperwork, a mouse, a number keypad, cables, batteries and sometimes even more.  Also factoring into the decision is the weight of your laptop and accessories.  Even if you can fit more into the laptop bag – would you want to?

Also decide on the fabric you want.  The most expensive option for the laptop case would be leather, which Samsonite does offer.  If you want a sturdy bag without the expense, consider the most common alternative – nylon.  It’s not as fancy, but it will last as long (if not longer) than leather, and usually is considerably cheaper.

Finally, consider the overall dimensions.  If this is for day to day activity, it won’t matter as much – but if you plan on taking your laptop bag on an airplane in your carry on luggage, there are size restrictions to be aware of.  They are detailed in a related article about carry on luggage sizes.

Whatever you end up deciding on, to pick up a Samsonite laptop case, visit the Suitcases page for links to the best stores online with the cheapest prices I’ve been able to find.


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